A Site Flipper’s Tools

One of the things you will be doing as a site flipper is registering domains. I register all of my domains at NameCheap.com. I’ve tried many registrars and they have provided the best value. You get a great service at an affordable price. At the time of this writing, you can get a .com for one year for $9.69. I also use GoDaddy.com but I prefer NameCheap because I find the interface easier to use and for me it’s easier to manage my domains with them than GoDaddy. Both are good registrars though.

You will also need a place to host your website. As a site flipper, a reseller hosting account is much better than a basic shared account. With a reseller account you can have a domain on a separate cPanel so you can give your buyers their own unique ID and password for using their domain and managing their site.

HostGator is one of the best webhosts available and is the one I use exclusively right now. Their uptimes are good and they provide awesome technical support. A reseller account with them will cost you $24.95 a month at the time of this writing, which you will easily be able to make from selling your sites! You can use my discount code when signing up.

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If you choose a different webhost then make sure they are Linux based and support cPanel and Fantastico. Linux is the industry standard with excellent security and reliability. Also, the majority of scripts marketers use are Linux based scripts.

cPanel and Fantastico provide you with an user-friendly way (meaning easy) to manage your hosting account and all technical aspects of your websites. Without these you are going to find it a lot slower creating sites as the learning curve will be much higher. For example, with Fantastico you can install WordPress in under 5 minutes with just a few clicks.

In addition to registering domains and getting a hosting account, you will need tools to create and edit graphics and something to build your websites with. For graphics you can use Adobe Photoshop if you have it, otherwise you can download Gimp for free. This is a fully featured open source graphics application that will work with Adobe Photoshop files and has all the features you’ll ever need.

Unless you know HTML, you’ll need a tool to build your website. I use WordPress exclusively. It’s free, it’s incredibly powerful, and the search engines LOVE WordPress-based sites. I highly recommend you use it. It does have a steep learning curve but once you master it, you’ll never use another tool again.

Other tools you might want to consider are Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression (formerly called FrontPage), XsitePro, Kompozer, and NVU. All of these tools work so just pick one that you like and stick with it.

There are a lot of other tools you’ll need along the way but these are the very basics. You’ll learn more about those other tools at FlipWebsites.com